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Dear Potential Member;

We would like to extend an invitation to you and/or your organization to join the Propeller Club.
The Propeller Club of the United States, Bay Area Port of Historic Pensacola extends  its membership to the business communities in Escambia County, Santa Rosa County and other West Florida Regional areas. We offer global networking and continuing educational programs for members, focusing on business opportunities abroad, maritime commerce and related services and the promotion of the Bay Area Port as a viable conduit to world wide markets. "Think globally, plan regionally."

Locally, our Club is serving as a forum for members to discuss and influence future development of the entire Bay Area Waterfront, and economic development of the West Florida Region through maritime commerce. Our focus is beyond the Port of Pensacola. We are looking at free trade zones as far north as Century, utilization of the river system, utilization of the brown fields for offsite Port activities, and utilizing some currently unused or underused land at the Naval Air Station. The Naval Air Station obviously has much better security than downtown, particularly with regard to sensitive cargo, including military cargo, now that the range in Puerto Rico has closed. The back gate to NAS directly connects with the Interstate Highway System.

"Short sea shipping" - it now costs better than a $1 million per lane mile to build interstates. Average truck speed is getting lower every year, because of increased traffic and obviously increasing fuel costs are an additional cost consideration. There are high speed ferries traveling from Tampa to Houston that can take trucks quicker and less expensively than over the road use. Pensacola is nearly midway between those two ports. We are working with Regional Planning in an effort to take a regional approach to all of these issues.

The Propeller Club of the United States is an International Professional organization dedicated to promoting maritime commerce locally, nationally and internationally. One of our nations earliest Propeller Club Chapters was established right here in Pensacola in March, 1933. Unfortunately, Pensacola lost that Chapter thirty years later in 1962. In 2003, the Pensacola Chapter was re-established under the leadership of Jerry Maygarden, the first President of the revitalized Propeller Club of the United States, Bay Area Port of Historic Pensacola.

Currently, there are 50 Propeller Clubs within the United States of America and additional 31 Propeller Clubs overseas. The Goals of the National Charter are to serve the economic welfare of the waterborne and the maritime commerce industries in all its segments. This includes promoting economically justifiable harbor improvements and fostering a spirit of friendship and common purpose with allied industries around the nation, whether or not directly involved in merchant marine interests. Continuing educational programs focus on opportunities available through the maritime industry and promote public relations within the national maritime community and the public generally. Equally important, the National Charter is also established to meet the requirements of National
Security and promoting legislation favorable to the U.S. economy in the emerging global economy. Meetings are normally quarterly at locations, times and dates to be announced. Individual annual dues are $125.00 for a single membership, $175.00 for a family membership, and $300.00 for business memberships, which includes 3 individual memberships and a listing on the web page.

Completed membership applications, with one year's dues, should be forwarded to Doris Mink, as indicated thereon.
Please call us if you have any questions. Hopefully you and others in your organization will be interested in joining our local Propeller Club, and together, we look
forward to shaping the future of our historic waterfront area.

Yours very truly,
The Propeller Club Of Pensacola Board of Directors

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